Working Capital Loan


A loan whose purpose is to finance everyday operations of an organization / company / firm. A working capital loan is not used to buy any long term assets or investments. Rather than it’s used to clear up accounts payable, wages, etc.

We offers / provide you a unique wide range of working capital facilities at your door-step. We provide / offer reasonable, convenient financial / monetary solutions which are of paramount importance in running an economical / efficient enterprise.

You can choose from the wide range of customized working capital loans for easy / flowing business operations.

Working Capital types

  • Cash Credit / Overdraft
  • (TL) Term Loan
  • (LC) Letter of Credit
  • (BG) Bank Guarantee
  • (PC) Packing Credit
  • Post consignment Finance
  • Bill Discounting

You can get the bellow loans facilities from (ICICI) Bank to accomplish your Working Capital

  • Cash Credit limit facility to accommodate your every-day needs / requirements
  • Working capital limits to accommodate your export requirement. Export Credit for providing Pre & Post-Shipment finance to exporters
  • Working capital limits in form of non-fund based facilities – Letters of Credit & Buyers Credit to make sure timely delivery of goods.
  • Various/ numerous types of Bank Guarantees to satisfy / meet performance & financial obligations

FAQ (Working Capital Loan)

Why (ICICI) Bank Working Capital Finance is the right choice for you

  • Our decentralized operations ensure quick processing & fast availability of loans
  • Our Relationship Manager works with you to assist meet all your desires / needs
  • We provide / offer competitive rate of interest, commission & charges
  • Our more than 3,000 branch network and Anyplace Banking facility ensure ease of operations


What collateral is acceptable for loan facility?

We offer flexible / versatile collateral options in terms of Commercial / Residential / Liquid securities / Industrial property.


Which companies / firms are eligible?

We provide/ offer working capital finance to all entities engaged in producing / manufacturing service and trade segment as below:

  • Sole Proprietorship companies / Firms
  • Partnership companies / Firms
  • Private limited Companies / Firms
  • Trusts & Societies
  • Public limited Companies / Firms

Who can get benefit from Working Capital finance?

If you’re a Manufacturer, Service provider, and merchant or engaged in Wholesale, Trade & having domestic / overseas trade (import or export), you can apply for Business Loans and enjoy benefit from our products and services.

What is the rate of interest for your loan facility?

We offer / provide competitive rate of interest for our loan facilities. The rate of interest for each loan will be determined based on assessment of your business profile, past track record, monetary assessment, loan amount & tenure.

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