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Advantages / Benefits of “Credit Card”

Use a credit card / master card well & you can borrow for nothing, get extra protection on your purchases & possibly even reward points or cashback when you use your card. But, use a credit card unwisely / foolishly & you could end-up paying lots of interest & racking up a debt you struggle to pay off.

The list of benefits of “Credit Card” are following:

Convenience: Credit cards (master-card) can prevent / save you time & trouble–no searching for an (ATM) or keeping any cash in-hand.

Record keeping: Credit card (master-card) statements can help you track your expenses. Some credit cards (master-card) even provide yr. end summaries that really help out at tax time.

Low cost loans: You can use revolving credit to save nowadays (i.e., at a 1day sale), when available cash is a week away.

Instant cash: Cash advances are very quick & more convenient, putting cash in your hand when you want / need it.

Perks: From frequent flier miles to discounts on car’s / automobiles, there’s a program out there for everyone. Many credit card (master-card) companies offer / provide incentive programs supported / based on the amount of purchases you make.

Build positive credit: Controlled use of a credit card (master-card) can help / assist you establish credit for the 1st time or rebuild credit if you have problems in the past–as long as you stay among your means & pay your bills on time.

Purchase protection: Most credit card (master-card) companies will handle disputes for you. If a merchant will not take back a defective product, check with your credit card (master-card) company.

Balance surfing: Many credit card (master-card) companies offer / provides low introductory rate of interest. These offers enable / allow you to move balances to lower-rate cards.

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