Documents for Credit Card

Document’s required / needed for any “Credit Card”

Credit card can be termed as “fluid money” or “modern day money lending”. It gives one a hands free very easy / simple way for shopping without using any cash.

Credit card companies / firms work on a model of borrow-return. Whereas the buyer “borrows” money from the bank for his purchases, the bank demands the return. The credit card (master-card) companies thus offer / provide very easy, convenient & hassle free way of spending money, with-out actually having to spend it.

As a creditor needs to make sure that the borrower is “safe”, the regular security features are employed. The bank (credit card companies) provides a form to be stuffed / filled by the applier. The details such as the 1 given below, are requested:

  • Present address
  • Permanent address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Mail ID
  • PAN
  • Employer
  • Employment Type

In addition to this, one must needs to present the following documents to background verification:

  1. Coloured 2 or 3 Photograph – for identification2.2.)
  2. Latest 3 Salary slips

Self Employed – Latest personal “income tax” returns & business card

  1. Copy of PAN card / Passport / Form16

(As per regulatory requirement relevant proof of residence)

  1. Bank statements

These are required irrespective of the card type (gold / silver etc.) and the bank of which the credit card (master-card) is applied.

In addition to this, certain banks may require alternative / other documents such as Company I.D card.

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